The feeling that only Spinning® can give you. This is what drives us.

Spinning® is not only a sport, but also a community experience. Our community is based on a commitment to health, sporty lifestyle and personal development.
Whether it is a workout at home or group workout in the gym, we have been working for the same goal for the past nearly 30 years: to keep our community together and share our passion for cycling with even more people.
Your Spinning® journey starts with one single pedalstroke, and we are here to support you to become a best possible you.

The people behind Spinning® Hungary

Our team

Every member of our professional team works towards the same goal: bringing the feeling - that cannot be compared to anything else - the Spinning® feeling to you, too!


Gabriella Posch


As a member of the international Spinning® Master Instructor Team, she has taught hundreds of Spinning® instructors over the past 12 years, both at home and abroad. She has been invited as a presenter to the world's largest Spinning® events. Head of the official Hungarian education office of the Spinning® brand, owner and managing director of Spinning® Hungary - Cardio Expert. Bicycle coach, communication specialist, fitness industry expert.

Thank you for the weekend!

"Köszönöm a hétvégét! Nagyon jól éreztem magam, roppant hasznos volt. Úgy mentem oda, hogy csak az itthoni edzéshez szeretném bővíteni a tudásomat, de az lett belőle, hogy szeretném magam kipróbálni instruktorként is 🙂 Egy biztos, számíthattok rám a továbbképzéseken!"

Gabriella Kis

Spinning® instructor

Does not only train the body!

"Mindig is szerettem sportolni, de amíg nem találkoztam a Spinninggel, nem tudtam, hogy létezik egy olyan mozgásforma, ami nem csak a testet edzi, hanem a szívet és a lelket is képes feltölteni. Jól felépített órák, kedves, felkészült, profi edzők. A legnehezebb napomon is eltűnik minden fáradtság, ahogy megszólal a zene és lendületbe jönnek a kerekek, fantasztikus energiák áramlanak! Kitűnő rendezvények, szuper helyszíneken, amelyek a mozgás öröme mellett olyan közösségi élményt is nyújtanak, amihez jó érzés kapcsolódni. Köszönöm, Spininning® Hungary!??"

Gabi Varga

Spinning® fan

More thank just training program!

"For me, Spinning® is more than a workout: lifestyle, community, experience, therapy. An hour spent in the saddle releases amazing energies! I'm grateful and proud to be able to learn and work in such an inspiring environment."

Ildikó Eszterbauer

Spinning® instructor

It may look easy from the distance

"Spinning® seems easy from afar, but in instructor training, you realize how complex and well-thought-out the system is. It turns rhythm into music that creates feelings. Feelings create energy. And the performance born out of the energy released gives you the experience. Not many things give you so much than being the tour guide for such a trip. This is the experience the Spinning® instructors job gives me, every single time!"

Balázs Lencsés

Spinning® instructor

Still not convinced?

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