The Spinning® feeling can only be enhanced by experiencing them together. Energy, passion and the charm of a shared sports experience - this is what everyone who takes a saddle at our Spinning® events brings home.

Következő eseményünk: SMART BEACH FESTIVAL - spinning® beach, siófok, 2022.07.24.

Where can you meet us?

Sports and fitness events in Hungary

as well as at self-organized events

References: Night of pink lights / Giro Hungary 2022 Flashmob on Heroes Square, Budapest, with 100 bikes. Spinning® at Fisherman's Bastion - additional event to Giro 2022 Budapest Time Trial. Europe's Sports Capital Budapest - 200 bikes at Várkert Bazár. Fitbalance, Just Clear sports events and many more!

Spinning® Hungary is a professional partner for Giro Hungary 2022.

Where can you meet us?

international sports events

We support the training and warmup of elite athletes: for example at the 2022 Swimming European Championship at the Duna Arena,
at the Handball European Championship in Budapest, at the 2021 U21 Football European Championship, and many more Hungarian and international events.

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Thank you for the weekend!

"Thank you for the weekend! I had a great time, it was very useful. I went there just to expand my knowledge for training at home, but it also became that I wanted to try myself as an instructor 🙂 For sure you can count me in for further trainings!"

Gabriella Kis

Spinning® instructor

Does not only train the body!

"I've always loved doing sports, but until I came across Spinning, I didn't know there was a form of movement that not only trained the body but also filled the heart and soul. Well-structured classes, kind, well-prepared, professional trainers. Even on my hardest day, all the fatigue disappears as the music starts and the wheels come to life, fantastic energies flow! Excellent events, in super venues that, in addition to the joy of movement, also provide a community experience to which it feels good to be connected. Thank you, Spininning® Hungary! 💗😊 "

Gabi Varga

Spinning® fan

More thank just training program!

"For me, Spinning® is more than a workout: lifestyle, community, experience, therapy. An hour spent in the saddle releases amazing energies! I'm grateful and proud to be able to learn and work in such an inspiring environment."

Ildikó Eszterbauer

Spinning® instructor

It may look easy from the distance

"Spinning® seems easy from afar, but in instructor training, you realize how complex and well-thought-out the system is. It turns rhythm into music that creates feelings. Feelings create energy. And the performance born out of the energy released gives you the experience. Not many things give you so much than being the tour guide for such a trip. This is the experience the Spinning® instructors job gives me, every single time!"

Balázs Lencsés

Spinning® instructor

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