The Original Spinning® Instructor Training

Only with us is the number one and only real Spinning® Instructor training available, which gives you certificate that is a well-known and recognized in 80 countries around the world.
In addition to the basic and comprehensive knowledge, we pass on the experience we have accumulated over 30 years, which makes Spinning® classes what they are: motivating, full of energy, varied and not only training the body, but also recharging the soul.

következő képzés:
2024. június 22-23.

Why choose the original Spinning® Instructor Training?

You can be much more than just a coach: you will learn to teach an immersive class, motivate and lead the participants in your sessions to success.

Spinning® is a registered trademark: the original, authentic Spinning® Instructor training is only available from us.

You can customize your own learning path: in our multi-stage training program, you can add to your existing knowledge according to your own needs.

The world's no. 1: the best known and most recognized indoor cycling program, from the most professional Master Instructors!

Want to level up?

The world's number one INDOOR CYCLING training

With nearly 30 years of teaching experience and nearly 250,000 trained instructors, in more than 80 countries around the world, Spinning® provides the world's best indoor cycling training system, giving Spinning® Instructors an internationally recognized and acknowledged qualification. The aim of the Spinning® Instructor training is to transfer the basic knowledge that can be used to start teaching Spinning® classes at fitness venues, sports facilities or even smaller studios.

Upon completion of the training and the exam, students will earn the basic (Level 1) Spinning® Instructor title. After that, according to individual diligence and ambition, Spinning® Instructors can optionally continue their training as Advanced (Level 2) and Elite (Level 3). 

30+ years of training experience and the best instructors

Train yourself to become the best SPINNING® instructor!

The Spinning® training system is a multi-stage system, consisting of a basic training and optional further trainings based on it. Even after completing the very first level, it is possible to teach Spinning® classes, and then the road has opened to take you to an even higher level!

level 1
basic level

Spinning® Instructor basic training + exam

level 2
Advanced level

20 Spinning® továbbképzési kredit 

level 3
ELITE level

40 Spinning® továbbképzési kredit 

the best of the best, you can learn from

Spinning® Master Instructors

You can learn the basics of teaching a Spinning® class from the Hungarian members of the international Spinning® Master Instructor Team.
Our well-known and recognized Master Instructors have outstanding knowledge and significant educational experience. There is something to learn from them: they all are professionals, who know everything about Spinning® to prepare you for teaching an exciting class, and having a great experience as an instructor.

Spinning® Master Instructor, international presenter

Gabriella Posch


As a member of the international Spinning® Master Instructor Team, she has educated hundreds of Spinning® instructors over the past 12 years, both in Hungary and abroad. She has been invited as a presenter to the world's largest Spinning® events. Head of the Hungarian education representative office of the Spinning® brand, owner and managing director of Spinning® Hungary - Cardio Expert Ltd. Bicycle coach, communication specialist, fitness industry expert.

Spinning® Instructor
Basic training

The training consists of theoretical and practical parts, and is led by members of the international Spinning® Master Instructor Team in Hungary, of course, in Hungarian. It takes 2 days, usually Saturday-Sunday, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

After the training, students who took the exam successfully, obtain the internationally recognized Spinning® Instructor license and an instructor ID along with it.
After obtaining the status of an instructor, it is allowed to teach a Spinning® classes right away, provided that the training takes place with original Spinner® bikes and in accordance with the principles of the Spinning® program.
After the basic training, you can choose from a number of continuing educations to become even better in the saddle of the instructor’s bike.

The training participation fee includes:

  • Spinning® Instructor manual (Hungarian or English)
  • Theoretical and practical, as well as workshop-type small group training in Hungarian, led by Spinning® Master Instructors
  • Spinning® Masterclass rides
  • Exam fee
  • Internationally recognized Spinning® Instructor licence, with active status
  • Access to the Spinning®'s Instructor e-learning system

In the training you will learn about:

Következő képzésI DÁTUM:

2024. június 22-23.

Helyszín: Budapest
Master Instructors: Gabriella Posch and Gergely Hajdu

Részvételi díj: 96.900 Ft

The organizer of the training is Cardio Expert Ltd., which is the exclusive education representative of the Spinning® brand for Hungary.
Adult education registration number: B / 2020/004285

Általános szerződési feltételek a képzésre történő jelentkezés esetén itt olvashatók. 



Spinning® Continuing Education

Once you have become an accredited Spinning® Instructor by completing your undergraduate training, you have a myriad of opportunities to continue your studies, and move on to more advanced instructor levels by earning educational credits. 

The Spinning® training program offers a wide range of courses, as it is important that your knowledge is up-to-date, that your motivation is strong and that your sessons are successful.

Attending official Spinning® continuing educations not only expands your knowledge, but you can also gain a higher level of Spinning® Instructor prefessionalism. 

Reach Advanced Level 2 and Elite Level 3 to lead the team as the best instructor!

Find out about your options, choose a direction and enjoy your ride:

Level up with Spinning®!

We organize educational days several times a year - which have trainings that provide you with the credit points, where you can take part in a 2, 4 or even full 8-hour programs, depending on your ambitions and interests. In these courses, Spinning® instructors can further their studies in specific fields, and we focus on skills such as advanced session planning, creative training leadership, heart rate monitoring training, or the development of motivational skills of instructors.

Learn from the best!

Expand your knowledge, based on the latest international trends, visit Spinning® trainings, live or online!

A small taste of our continuing education library:

Still not convinced?

These numbers speak for themselves:

0 +
years as official Hungarian
+ 150000
trained globally
we are present in
0 +
years of
constant development


I have received so much more!

"Overall, I got a lot more than I expected! It was a very well-structured education. The professionalism and humility coming from the presenters is impressive, their performance is fantastic! I learned a lot! Thank you for having me!"

Hajnalka Borbándi

Spinning® Instructor

Infinitely motivational!

"It was an infinitely motivating training, that put cycling to a brand new level of experience with me. I am even more in love with the Spinning experience, the atmosphere <3 Köszönöm Nektek! 🙂 Találkozunk a továbbképzéseken!"

Zsuzsanna Merkl

Spinning® Instructor

Thank you for the weekend!

"Köszönöm a hétvégét! Nagyon jól éreztem magam, roppant hasznos volt. Úgy mentem oda, hogy csak az itthoni edzéshez szeretném bővíteni a tudásomat, de az lett belőle, hogy szeretném magam kipróbálni instruktorként is 🙂 Egy biztos, számíthattok rám a továbbképzéseken! "

Gabriella Kis

Spinning® Instructor

You are very good!

"You are very good and congratulations on your work accomplished, from the bottom of my heart. You are very humble about the sport itself, and one can feel that. Thank you for having me as part of this weekend and getting to know you! Please continue on this path, because that is your destiny. I wish you much more success! "

Szilvia Dauner

Spinning® Instructor

It may look easy from the distance!

"Spinning® seems easy from afar, but in instructor training, you realize how complex and well-thought-out the system is. It turns rhythm into music that creates feelings. Feelings create energy. And the performance born out of the energy released gives you the experience. Not many things give you so much than being the tour guide for such a trip. This is the experience the Spinning® instructors job gives me, every single time!"

Balázs Lencsés

Spinning® Instructor

Get rolling

Ride at home towards your goals

Download the app and charge yourself with the online training!

Már csak egy kattintásra vagy a minőségi edzésélménytől! Tekerj a saját tempódban és érezd magad otthon a testedben is! Innovatív, testi és mentális edzések, szakképzett instruktorokkal, szuper zenékkel! Bringára fel!

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